Pregnancy Ultrasound

Mid to Late Pregnancy (15 weeks onwards)

In mid pregnancy ultrasound is used to visualise basic anatomical features of the baby. In late pregnancy the most common reason to have an ultrasound scan is to check foetal (baby) growth and well-being, or to check the position of the baby and the placenta prior to delivery.

Preparation for mid and late pregnancy scan: (15 weeks onward): No special preparation is required for the scan. You are welcome to bring a support person with you to share in the experience but the ultrasound room will only accommodate a small number of people.

Following your scan: At the end of the scan the images are saved and then viewed by a Radiologist. After making payment at reception you will (in most instances) be provided with a CD containing your scan images, this CD is for your records.  A report will be sent to the clinician that referred you for your scan. This normally occurs within 24 hours but it is often sooner, dependent upon how the referrer prefers to receive their reports.

However if your scan was done urgently a radiologist can make contact directly with the person that referred you to pass on a preliminary report of the findings.