Your mammogram will be performed by an MRT with specialised skills and experience (mammographer).  Two views of each breast are taken, however sometimes further views are required so that all of the breast tissue can be clearly demonstrated.  There is no need to be concerned if this happens, as we are simply being thorough. In some cases you may be required to have an ultrasound of the breast too.  Ultrasound is particularly useful in detecting cysts within the breast.

The whole visit should take approximately half an hour. Please allow plenty of time.

Please do not use talcum powder or deodorants on the day of your examination as they can show up on the mammogram images.

If you have any previous mammogram films please bring them with you.

Mammograms do not detect ALL breast cancers and if you notice any changes in your breasts during the time between mammograms, then you must see your doctor.

A report will be sent to the person that referred you for your mammogram. This normally occurs within 24 hours but it is often sooner, dependent upon how the referrer prefers to receive their reports.  However, if your mammogram was done urgently a radiologist can make contact directly with the person that referred you to pass on a preliminary report of the findings.

  • MammogramYour mammogram will be performed by an MRT with specialised skills and experience (mammographer). Read More...
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  • Hookwire InsertionA specialist breast surgeon will sometimes ask for a location device called a ‘hookwire’ to be inserted into the breast tissue prior to surgery. Read More...
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