Online Image Access

Bay Radiology provides referrers with online access to images and reports.  We have two options available:

WebCOMRAD  - Primarily useful for access to reports, it includes a zero download viewer for images that is suitable for use on PCs, Mac OSX, tablets and smartphones.  No software installation is required.

Merge PACS Viewer – Primarily for specialists and those who require a full DICOM viewer with advanced image manipulation tools.  It is currently only compatible with Windows PCs using Internet Explorer and requires a software installation. Installation instructions can be found here.

Obtaining an Account

  1. Accounts will only be provided to Medical Professionals who are able to refer their patients for medical imaging.
  2. Our Privacy and Security Agreement must be completed, signed and returned to us. 
  3. Once we have received this we will be in contact with your username and password.
  4. We are more than happy to come onsite and provide a brief training session to ensure you are getting the most out of the programme.  If you would like training or you have questions about the programme please contact us via or 07 578 0273 extn. 616